What’s So Great About Green Plumbing?

Hello again folks,

Today’s topic is the current awareness and focus on all things “green” and how that can benefit you.

Whatever you think about the hot topic of global warming (I know, that was bad) or climate change; whether you think it is caused by corporate greed, overpopulation, natural causes or not at all, there are some real benefits to all of us being created by all of the attention to the subject.

One of the main benefits is that manufacturers in nearly every sector, including plumbing, are finally developing products that are doing a better job of bridging (and often removing) the gap between conservation and performance.  From water saving toilets that actually outperform older, “mega gallon” models to water heating products that offer real energy savings while providing more hot water than ever before, today’s choices mean you no longer have to sacrifice comfort and convenience to in order to save water and energy.  That means that going “green” can really save you some green in utility costs.

I know that many of you are skeptical.  Just like you, I remember when toilets went from 5 gallons per flush to 3 1/2 gallons to 1.6 gallons.  They got worse and worse until I remember reading in a news story that US Customs agents were notified to be on the lookout for “illegal” toilets being smuggled in from Canada.  Those of us in the plumbing industry were often looked at as the bad guys because our customer’s brand new toilets seemed to stop up every time they were flushed.

The good news is that 15 years have passed since the 1.6 gallon per flush requirements went into effect and there has been a lot of effort put into improving the performance of toilets in that time, along with lots of other plumbing products.   There are toilets on the shelves and in homes now that flush with as little as .8 gallons per flush and really work.  I saw a really cool video about one of these and couldn’t resist including it in today’s post.  You’ll see it at the bottom of the page.  It’s pretty convincing. (Hint, it involves a potato and a toilet).

Toilets aren’t the only products that have been improved.  You would be amazed at the research and technology involved in today’s water saving shower heads.  You can now get shower heads that use half of the water of a “standard” one without making it seem like you are in a cheap motel, even if you are still using one of the little bottles of shampoo left over from your last trip.

Water heating is another area that has received a lot of attention.  There are tankless water heaters, super high efficient water heaters (like 96%), “on demand” circulation systems so you don’t waste water running the faucet until it gets hot (while wasting time when you are in a hurry) and solar water heating is even becoming a viable option for more people due to new, more cost effective products.

I’ll be exploring the latest of these and other products in upcoming posts, mixed in with more helpful do it yourself tips and tricks.  If there is anything you would like to see me cover, please leave a comment and I’ll do my best to get it covered.

One last thing before the video. I want to apologize.  It’s been several weeks since I posted anything new.  I was under the weather for over 3 weeks with some sort of summer cold virus and then took a much needed vacation with the family.  I am making it a goal to post at least once a week or more often going forward.  I have completed my Green Plumber USA certification and I have a lot of info to share so that should not be a problem.

Anyway, just wanted to explain that.  Check out the video below.


Bryan Stevens

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