Welcome To Your 7 Part Plumbing Mini Course

Thanks for confirming your email address.   You will be getting your first lesson email soon (it’s probably already in your Inbox).   Sorry to make you jump through these hoops but it’s to keep the US government happy and make sure we don’t send emails to folks who don’t want them.

By the way, since you have already signed up for the mini-course, just click on the little “down arrow” in the bottom right corner of the page and the little pop up thing should quit bugging you.

Anyway, there are a couple of things I want to let you know about before you get started with your mini course.

First, your course is going to cover the very basic things I think you need to know, based on the questions I’ve heard and the issues I’ve seen in my 25 years as a Plumber. I won’t pretend that you will be able to learn everything you need to know about plumbing in a week, but hopefully you will learn some things that will come in handy.




Second, as you might imagine, I have an investment of both time and money in creating this website and mini- course. So…you will see some ads and product recommendations on most of the pages (like the ones on this page). If you see something advertised on this site and decide to buy something, I will most likely make some money. While that makes me happy, I just want to be totally upfront about that.

Also, from time to time I will review a product and write about it. While it might not always be the case (like with the Hydroclean Fill Valve), you should assume that I will get a commission if you buy a product through a link on this site. I promise to do my best to only recommend products that I think are of a high quality, but I know anyone can say that so make your own decision based on your own research.

Last, the links to your mini-course will be delivered to you through email. This lets me keep the mini-course sort of restricted to only people who have signed up.  These emails and any others I send may have a link to a product I think you might like. Again, if you decide to buy the product through my link, I (hopefully) will get paid.

Don’t worry, I promise not to flood your Inbox with emails.  The bottom line is that I hope you find enough value in the information you are getting from me for free that you allow me the opportunity to market some high quality products to you.  It should go without saying that you can always just ignore any links or recommendations.  The mini-course is still free and I’ll still help you all I can.

I think you are probably sharp enough to have figured all this out on your own, but the US Federal Trade Commission wants to be sure and I don’t want anyone to think I am trying to take advantage of them so I will say it one more time.


OK, clear?  If you check your Inbox you should have an email with a link to Lesson 1.  (There’s probably a link to a great product in that email, just ignore it if you’re not interested.)



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