Product Review: Do It Yourself Solar Power

Hi Folks,

OK, I’ll just tell you up front that this post isn’t about plumbing.  It’s about a cool “green” product I recently got.

I have been doing some research into solar power.  There are ready made systems on the market for thousands of dollars, but my focus is always on the Do It Yourself methods.  So…I started searching online and found several different products aimed at teaching an average person how to generate their own electricity using solar panels and windmills.  They all say you can build either a solar panel or windmill for under $200.

The first manual I got was almost $100.  I was a little disappointed.  The grammar was a little wierd and the instructions were not really clear and complete.  There were several different drawings showing how to wire and connect the solar cells., but I’m not sure if I could have built a working solar panel from the instructions.

Next I bought an ebook that was around $47.  After I downloaded it my biggest question was whether they had copied the $100 book or vice versa.  The two products were almost word for word duplicates, including the stilted grammar.  Once  again I requested a refund.

The next try was a lot better.  It was $49.95.  The writing was much better and there were more details about the entire process.  I still wasn’t sure if I could build a working solar panel from the instructions.  I decided to check out one more product I has found.

The last package I got was called Earth4Energy.   I found out that it was on sale right now for just $49.97, so that was good.  As soon as I got to the download page I was starting to think that things were looking better already.  The first difference I noticed was the video link.

The Earth4Energy package includes 2 videos (they say they will be adding more soon) which show in close up detail the process of soldering and connecting the solar cells, also called PV (photovoltaic) cells.  The videos are only a few minutes long but they really cleared up some of my questions after reading the other books.

Another thing I liked better about the Earth4Energy package is that instead of just mentioning that there are low cost sources for the materials you’ll need, they include actual websites and links in many cases.  Also,  there are detailed photos of every component, right down to the exact kind of wire needed.

Finally, the Earth4Energy manual also includes instructions on building a windmill generator too.  Actually, all of the products covered Wind Power, but the Earth4Energy manual is the most complete on this subject also.   If you live in a windy area this can be a great source of cheap electricity for you.

The only real criticism of the product is that I wish it was a little more in depth about connecting to my house’s electrical system.  Basically it says that I should call a qualified electrician.  To be fair, all of the manuals say that.  I’m sure they would be opening themselves up to all kinds of lawsuits if they didn’t.

To sum all of this up, if you are interested in learning how to generate your own electricity from either Solar Panels or Wind Generators, I recommend that you get the Earth4Energy package.  To recap, here’s why:

  • Clear, understandable instructions
  • Packed with detailed, close up photos
  • Links to low cost sources for almost all of the materials needed
  • Videos detailing the possibly confusing process of linking the solar cells
  • Lifetime Updates
  • A full, 8 week money back guarantee
  • A surprise bonus on the download page- a free bio-diesel manual

If this sounds like something you would like to check out here’s a link:

Check Out Earth4Energy!

I hope this has been helpful.

Until Next Time,

Bryan Stevens

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