Unclogging a Shower Drain- Unclog Your Shower Fast

A common plumbing repair is unclogging a shower drain. In this video I show you how to unclog your shower drain using a tool called a Closet Auger.

A Closet Auger is usually used to unclog a toilet, but it is a pretty versatile tool. The one I’m using in the video is an “extension” model.   You can find a good one at your local Home Depot, Lowe’s or other hardware stores.

The good thing about an “extension” model is that there is extra cable in the handle portion that can be extended to increase the reach of the auger. These types cost around $30-$40 but are worth the extra few bucks.

Closet augers are simple to use. You just pull the handle all the way out, stick the “business end” in whatever you want to unclog and push the handle down while cranking the handle. (Tip: Don’t try to hold the handle on the bottom part while cranking, this is too awkward.  Just loosely hole the handle part under the crank portion so you can keep everything lined up.)  This pushes the snake cable into the drain. The cranking motion helps the auger at the end grab whatever is causing the clog. 

When you have the cable all the way in, just pull it all the way back. You may have to pull sharply but it will come out. Most likely, whatever was causing the clog will be wrapped up at the end of the auger. Get it off, using pliers or some other tool if necessary (or your foot).  If you have an extension auger it doesn’t hurt to run it through again, this time extending the cable. When you are finished you should have fixed the clog.

Here’s the video so you can see what I mean:

.                                    .

I hope that helps.

Bryan Stevens

Copyright 2010

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