How To Unclog a Toilet in 11 Seconds!

Hello Again,

My number one question is how to unclog a toilet.  Since so many of you asked that question, I posted a video on YouTube showing how you can unclog a toilet in just 11 seconds.  Really!  The video is a little rough and I sound pretty dorky but, hey, it’s my first one ever and it does show you how to unclog a toilet in 11 seconds.

One thing to pay attention to is to make sure you use the right type of plunger.  This will make all the diference.

I’d love to hear your feedback, so just click on the little comments link in the upper right of this post and let me know what you think about the posts and what I can do to help you.

Anyway, here’s the video:

Don’t forget, add your comment and let me know it this helps you learn how to unclog a toilet.

Until Next Time,

Bryan Stevens

Copyright 2009

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5 comments to How To Unclog a Toilet in 11 Seconds!

  • Some videos providing tips for other things such as aquarium plumbing could be nice.

  • Lynda

    The video was great! Do more. Do you have experience with septic tanks? How about the secret to keeping them is good working order? I Googled “plumbing problems” and finally found you. This is what I was looking for. Keep up the good work.

  • Mike

    Looking forward to seeing more videos.
    Thanks for your hard work.


  • admin

    Wow, Elsie, you have made my day! I am absolutely going to make some more videos. I actually have some already recorded if I can figure out how to get them off my wife’s camera and on to the site, I’m almost there.

    Thanks again for the kind words.


  • Elsie Ardry

    Good morning Byran,

    I just watched your video on unclogging a toilet in 11 seconds. You did a perfect job of explaining and demonstrating what to do. Please make more demonstration videos and keep us posted.

    I love your emails also. You are the ultimate source for plumbing problems as far as I am concerned.

    Thank you very much.


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