Green Plumbing Design-Hydroclean Toilet Fill Valve Repair Kit

I recently had the opportunity to meet the inventor of a newly designed replacement toilet fill valve. Michael Schuster is a 4th generation plumber who has come up with a product that not only saves water, and lots of it, but actually does so without sacrificing performance. Michael’s company, MJSI, Inc., produces a line of toilet repair products built around the Hydroclean toilet fill valve.

The Hydroclean is an innovative design that prevents water from being wasted in the fill cycle of the toilet tank. This waste typically occurs because the fill valve continues to flow water into the bowl until the tank is full, even if the bowl is fills back up before the tank. This excess water just flows over the trap in the bowl and goes down the drain needlessly.

The Hydroclean addresses this by having a “mini valve” on the refill tube which allows the flow of water into the bowl to be adjusted so that both the bowl and tank reach the proper level at the same time. This simple change in design has the potential to save hundreds of gallons of water each year per toilet. With much of the USA suffering from an extended drought this really is significant.

Just to see if Michael’s product stood up to his claims I decided to test a Hydroclean on one of my toilets. The toilet, a 1.6 gallon per flush model, is only 6 years old. I was pretty surprised to find out that my “low consumption” toilet was wasting 24 ounces of water with every flush. That adds up to about 525 gallons per year, from just one toilet!

Another great feature of the Hydroclean is that it alerts you to a leaking flapper by cycling on with a definite, slightly louder than typical, water flow. This is a big advantage over many standard fill valves, which will slowly refill with very little noise if the water level in the tank has dropped due to a leaking flapper. Michael told me that many times a bad flapper was discovered as soon as the Hydroclean is installed. I can vouch for that because that is exactly what happened with my toilet. I had barely finished installing my new Hydroclean and was cleaning up when the valve cycled on, alerting me to a slowly leaking flapper. Luckily I had one of the Hydrofix kits, which include a premium replacement flapper, so I had that fixed in no time.

Another great feature of the Hydroclean is that, at least with the flagship Hydroclean 660, the tank is flushed of debris and build up with every flush. This is accomplished by directing water through a special tube around the bottom of the tank. This should increase the lifespan of the flapper and further contribute to efficiency.

I know this sounds like a sales pitch but I have absolutely no financial ties with MJSI, Inc. or Michael Schuster. (I wish I did!) I am really impressed with the Hydroclean family of products. Sometimes when considering a product with a green plumbing design you have to be willing to accept a loss of performance in exchange for an increase in efficiency. The Hydroclean actually offers both increased efficiency and performance. That’s a win-win scenario as far as I’m concerned. And, in case you are wondering, the Hydroclean retails for under $15.00.

You can read all the details of how to quickly and easily test your toilet in an article I wrote about my experience here:

Also, MJSI, Inc. has a great website.

If you check your toilet, post a reply telling everyone how much water you are saving. Just think, if 1000 people with 2 toilets each save 500 gallons a year per toilet, the readers of this blog could save a million gallons a year!

You can do it!

Bryan Stevens

Copyright 2008 Bryan Stevens

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12 comments to Green Plumbing Design-Hydroclean Toilet Fill Valve Repair Kit

  • Hi

    Good article.. Full of information.


  • Quite an impressive invention. Looking forward to this reaching us Plumbers in Sydney. Cheers!

    • Bryan


      I can’t believe you don’t have this. I learned about it during my training with the GreenPlumbersUSA program, which came here from you mates down under.


  • The plumbers, often very low paid non-skilled labor, just hook the pipes up however is easiest. I’ve seen tract homes with identical floor plans with three or four completely different piping layouts.

    • Bryan

      Well, as a plumber I sort of resent the “non-skilled” comment, but I understand your frustration. In defense of my trade, lots of things look easy when someone else does them. Sometimes the reason the plumbing layout is different in two houses of the same plan is because the framing was different. And sometimes it;s because plumbers are individuals and each sees the job a little differently. If you asked 10 masters to paint a tree you would most likely get 10 different paintings, all masterpieces.

      Anyway, you get the link:)



  • Susan Frosch

    I have one of these valves in my recently purchased home. I have a sound like a whale moaning whenever we flush the toilet or turn on any faucet. I read it could be the toilet water pressure, so I did the test recommended on another blog. I cut off the water to the toilet and checked the other faucets- no noise. All other locations say i need to replace the ballcock (or washer on same). What to do with this kind of valve?

    • Bryan

      Hi Susan,
      It sounds like your toilet fill valve is the culprit, but don’t blame the HydroClean. I have seen lots of different fill valves cause the same noise problem. One thing you can try before replacing anything is just turning the shut of valve to the toilet about 1/2 way off. Many times that will solve the noise problem. It will take the tank a little longer to fill up but it shouldn’t affect the “flushability”.

      If that doesn’t fix the problem you can replace the fill valve. You should be fine going back with a new HydroClean, I have them in my house and there are no problems with noise. You can get them at your local Home Depot or Lowes.

      it would be great if you let us know how it goes.



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  • Been reading for a few days now. This was very helpful and solid information. BTW, I like your site design as well. I enjoyed reading it and hopefully you will write more soon. Do you have a newsletter?

  • Great blog! It’s amazing how this new creation will change things up in better ways.Saving water is big factor to our environment and even people.We can save money at the same time we help to conserve our mother nature.

  • Super site will visit soon..

  • Jenny

    Good info Bryan….sign up for his mini course. It’s very informative with great tips!!!

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