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Hello Everyone,

This week I am posting something a little different.  I had a couple of people tell me that the blog was getting boring, so I decided to try to liven things up a little. I searched the web and found some pretty funny video clips.

This post will include a few examples of what you can expect going forward.  Some of them are commercials and some are just random clips related to plumbing.  Most of them are funny, or at least pretty cool.  I will be including at least 1 new one every week and probably more often.  If you like them, be sure to check back often for more laughs (or at least chuckles).

Don’t worry, I’m not abandoning the Plumbing Tips, I just wanted to introduce the new video feature with a special post showcasing a few of them.  The tips will be  back next time, along with a new video clip.  If you like the clips, let your friends know about this blog.

I’d really like to know if you like this idea.  Just click on the Comments link, register and post your comment.  Anyway, here are a few videos:

This first one is a commercial from Kohler (no, they aren’t paying me.) It’s just pretty good.

The next one is from Britain. It’s a really good animated short. It’s about 6 minutes long, but worth watching.

Last of all, this one is another Kohler ad for a new faucet. It’s not really funny, just kind of cool.

That’s it for now. Next time we’ll get back to actual plumbing tips, with a video for fun too. Let me know if you like the videos and I’ll keep looking for more.

You Can Do It,

Bryan Stevens

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