Check out my goofy video for my new book

OK, so I am running a campaign on IndieGoGo to finance the publication of my new book. (If you don’t know what IndieGoGo is, that doesn’t matter)

The book is all about how to fix the top 7 problems people have with their toilets and it is really good, if I do say so myself.

Anyway, I made a really goofy video to promote the campaign and it explains everything.  Be sure to click on over to IndieGoGo to see what you can get for helping me;

Like I said, the book covers how to repair the top 7 toilet problems.  There are detailed, step-by-step instructions, material lists, tool lists and lots

of photos.  I wanted to make it really easy for anyone to take my book and fix their toilet and I think I have succeeded.

.Here’s the link to the  IndieGoGO page: