How To Use A Closet Auger To Unclog A Toilet

I have had several folks ask about using a closet auger to unclog a toilet so I thought I would make a short set of instructions to follow

Here they are:

– You pull the handle all the way out on the closet auger

– Stick the business end of the auger into the toilet as far as it will go.

– Now just push the handle down as far as it will go without cranking it, even if it only goes a little.

– Now, hold the crank handle in one hand and grab the auger shaft at a comfortable distance below the crank handle. (Most people try to hold the bottom handle on the tube, but it is very hard to get the right leverage this way)

– Now, crank the handle while just holding the shaft steady with your other hand loosely so the shaft can spin inside your grip.

– Push down on the handle while cranking- hard if you have to. Don’t worry if the bottom wobbles around a little, just concentrate on getting the auger to go down.

– If you can get the handle to go all the way down you are doing great. Now just pull the cable straight back out, don’t worry about cranking it. You may have to pull pretty hard.

– Once this is done, I like to run it through all the way at least one more time just to be sure.

– now try flushing the toilet, first with just water and then with a big wad of toilet paper.

– If it flushed OK now you are done. If not, check out this post on how to pull and reset a toilet:

I hope this helps. How about letting me know how everything goes.



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